Over time, double glazed units are likely to fail. Moisture within the double glazed unit condenses, which creates small water droplets giving the impression that the glass has misted up. The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is time, weather and the environment.

The wind, sun, frost and everyday environmental conditions forces the sealed unit to constantly expand and contract which will eventually let the moisture na air in through the seals.

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The air entering the space in this way will contain the natural moisture in the air. Eventually the dessicant or silica gel (material designed to absorb the moisture that is contained within the spacer bar between the glass) becomes saturated, therefore cannot draw any more moisture from the air within the glass unit.

The result is condensation between the panes, deterioration of the insulation and you will then not have visibly clear windows when this happens.

The longer that this is left before replacing the glass units, the more impaired your vision will be throughout the the glazing units.

We can help by replacing the failed double glazing units without the need to replace the actual window frame, which will save on time, and money and will also not affect the look of your property.

The new double glazing replacement units are fully guaranteed against condensation within the glass cavity. Our professional installers will install them into your existing window frames, and cleaned to give you a brilliant, clear finish.